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Working Group:
Industry, Innovations and Prospective Development

The Committee deals with the relevant aspects in the domain INDUSTRY, INNOVATIONS and PROSPECTIVE DEVELOPMENT in respect of East-West relations. It is a major aim of the Committee to assist IBC and its members by making contributions in matters of interest in the aforementioned fields. The Committee set up a Sub-Group “Energy Saving & Efficency”.

For the time being, members meet twice a year at different places in order to deal with current topics.

Any new member who is interested in a closer co-operation in the field “Industry, Innovations and Prospective Development” is invited to take part.
Please contact for any further information:

Mr. Andrey Sapozhnikov

PJSC Gazprom
Phone +7 812 641 31 20 | E-Mail


Working Committee Meeting Industry, Innovation and Prospective Development
13 April 2018 | Munich, Germany


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Dr. Oleg E. Aksyutin

Chairman Working Group Industry, Innovations and Prospective Development |
Member of the Board

PJSC Gazprom | 16 Nametkina St. |117997 Moscow | Russia
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